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t-ballCrestwood T-Ball Rules

1. The entire program is for the CHILDREN to have FUN.

2. All players will play the field and bat every inning. The more put-outs in an inning, the less runs that are scored. The defensive team must return the ball to the tee for the last put-out when the last batter hits. All regular games will be 3 innings. (Exception: If the last batter hits a fly ball that is caught, the inning is over).

3. All defensive players, including the pitcher, must be in their respective positions when the ball is hit.

  • The pitcher must have one foot on the pitching rubber.
  • Players at 1st, 2nd, short and 3rd base for infield.
  • All other fielders must play behind a line that would run from 3rd base to 1st base. Coaches will assist in keeping players behind this line and spread out over the entire infield.

4. No infield fly rule or tagging up on a fly ball is allowed. Runners may not leave base until ball is hit. Base runners that pass another player on base are out.

5. Only the base the runner is going to will be allowed on an over-throw (that goes out of play or in the dugout).

6. The coach will rule when a play is over so that no runner may advance while the ball is being returned to the tee for the next batter. The coach will assist in getting the ball on the tee for the next batter since we do not have a catcher. The coach will announce to the defensive players when there is a foul ball. If the ball does not leave the dirt area of home plate the ball is foul.

The coach will assist the batters when their team is batting, and I would suggest that an assistant coach be place at 1st and 3rd base. When playing in the field I would suggest that the coach position themselves between 1st and 2nd base and have an assistant between 2nd and 3rd base to assist defensive players. (Keep the players spread out over the infield) Players should be rotated so the same player does not play the same position the entire game.

An assistant coach should be in the dugout area when batting to organize the batting order.

7. There will be no strike outs. The batter will swing until he or she hits the ball in fair play. Must hit the ball, not tee. (Half and half will be permitted, no bunting).

8. The scoreboard will not be used and there will not be an official score. Games will consist of three complete innings or an hour time limit.

9. Bats – only official T-Ball bats may be used. Bats will be provided by Downtown Optimist Club.

10. After the game the Coach will lead the team across the field for high fives and good game to the opposing team. Team drinks are furnished by the team sponsors. The Coach must come to the concession stand with entire team for team drinks after the game.

T-Ball Season

T-Ball is played between other baseball programs and the starting of school. Teams will play 10 games each during the season.


The primary purpose of the T-Ball Program is to provide a recreational outlet for boys and girls. Parents and coaches are urged to keep this in mind and to refrain from any action during the games which would set a bad example for the players. Parents can teach their boys and girls sportsmanship and fair play by demonstrating the same.

The coaches are doing everything possible to conduct the game in a proper manner. We must all realize that their decisions at times will not agree with your viewpoint.

Let’s put this program in its right perspective – “Fun, enjoyment and participation.”

Parents of boys and girls who feel that they cannot accept this program under those circumstances, should remain away from the park for the good of the program and the youngsters.

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