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David Mock Describes His Work At Righteous Oaks Recovery Center

On Tuesday, January 10th, 2012, our speaker was David Mock, Director of Operations for Righteous Oaks Recovery Center. David described in some detail the path that brought him to the Meridian area and led him to create this recovery center plus some of the success stories of their patients.

Righteous Oaks Recovery Center

From Righteous Oaks’ Website:

Righteous Oaks Recovery Center is a interdenominational, interracial, six-month “in resident” biblically-based worship and work program of biblical teaching. We offer a soundly structured daily schedule whose rules, policy and procedures teach the men responsible behavior and good work habits. During the work times, the Ministry Staff encourages the men to remain in fellowship with each other as they work together daily, building social skills that demonstrate the love and behavior of Christ one to the other. We consider Righteous Oaks to be not only a individual healing Ministry, but a family healing Ministry as well. Family members are encouraged to participate as much as possible in church services and other Ministry activities. The resident’s family members are very important to us.

Righteous Oaks works closely with Mississippi Department of Corrections, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial System to give men an alternative to incarceration when they run afoul of the law in their addictive behaviors. God has blessed us with a remarkable record of healing success in our program.

Righteous Oaks Recovery Center is a privately owned and privately operated non-profit Ministry. We are funded through tuition paid by our residents, private individuals, local businesses, churches and civic clubs.

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