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DTOC Donates To MFD Camp Fire Academy

Fire_SchoolFormer DTOC President, Eddy Chaney presents Ginger Hand of the Meridian Fire Department with a $1,000 DTOC donation to support the MFD Camp Fire Academy. The weeklong camp is sponsored by the Meridian Fire Department and it focuses on teaching children how to survive a fire as well as a little bit about the fire department and life as a firefighter or as an emergency first responder. During the camp, kids will get to experience many of the activities associated with firefighting including demonstrations of firetrucks, ambulances, helicopters, and other life-saving equipment.

Perhaps the most dramatic part of the camp happens when the children pretend they are asleep in a mock bedroom and smoke (actually, it’s water vapor fog from a machine!)  is introduced to the room to simulate a fire and the children have to escape through a window and down a ladder to safety. The lesson is invaluable because it teaches children how to keep calm and escape a fire, but the children then take the lessons home and start conversations with their parents about fire safety and developing fire escape plans for their home.

Hand was recently quoted saying, “Children these days are highly intelligent and we see that all the time, so whenever we can get them into a learning environment like this, we believe we are saving lives. We believe they can save lives with what they learn. That is why these camps are so vital.”

The Downtown Optimist Club of Meridian is proud to support Camp Fire Academy!

Contact Ginger Hand at the Meridian Fire Department to learn more about Camp Fire Academy.


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