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DTOC 2014 Donation To Camp Eagle Ridge

Photo by Rives Photography

Camp Eagle Ridge director, Dan Fritts, was the guest speaker at the Tuesday, April 15, 2014 meeting of the Downtown Optimist Club to bring the club up to date on several of the on-going building projects at Camp Eagle Ridge. These projects include their high-rope walk, zip line installation and the development of their new man-made lake to be used for swimming and canoeing.

In an effort to help provide funding for the completion of the pier they are building for the lake and potentially some life vests or canoes, the Downtown Optimist Club donated $2,500 to Camp Eagle Ridge’s building fund.

“The [Downtown] Optimist Club is tremendous,” said Fritts. “One of the mottos of the Optimist Club is ‘Friend Of Youth’, and they are truly friends of the youth. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk.”

Camp Eagle Ridge is looking for adult and teenage volunteers for the camp this summer. If you would like to volunteer, you may call 601-480-5503 or visit the camp’s website.


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