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Meridian Flyers To Compete In Home School World Series

IMG_0996Tim & Griffin Hickman came and spoke to the DTOC about their efforts to raise funds to help pay for the Meridian Flyers to travel to Florida to participate in the Home School Baseball World Series. All of the teams competing are invited to participate based on their skill and winning records. Griffin Hickman, like all of the other members of The Meridian Flyers, are home schooled, so events like the World Series are important in expanding the opportunities for home school students.

Tim Hickman provided details on a chicken spaghetti lunch plate fundraiser that would be happening on Thursday and their efforts to raise all the necessary funds required for the team to travel to Florida. He explained that is the first time the Meridian Flyers have been invited to the Home School World Series and that the community and team were all working hard to make the trip possible.

President Brian Koroknay presented the Hickman’s with a check from the DTOC to help offset the expenses of the trip.

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