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DTOC Donates To Leadership Lauderdale Youth – 2015

DTOC President Brian Koroknay presents a $500 donation to Patty Swearingen & Wayne Edwards of Leadership Lauderdale Youth

The Leadership Lauderdale Youth program’s mission is to develop youth leadership in Lauderdale County by providing structured opportunities for interaction with other youth, as well as community leaders, and by providing for growth in understanding of character development issues, personal leadership styles and community responsibilities. To accomplish their mission, the program brings together a diverse group of high school juniors where they participate in a program focused on developing an understanding of personal leadership styles, learning personal and community responsibilities, and reviewing character development.

The goal is to provide provide each student with the basic tools, resources and action plans on how to respond to a leadership role now and in the future.  This program will provide the students with an overview of Lauderdale County, including local government and the business community, as well as an introduction to area leaders and career opportunities. It will also provide opportunities to gain practical skills for development as future leaders of Lauderdale County, while allowing high school students from different sections of the community to get to know one another.

Leadership Lauderdale Youth is open to all high school juniors who attend school or reside in Lauderdale County. These students should have proven leadership skills or have potential leadership skills. If you need assistance with the application or have questions, call Patty Swearingen at 601-482-9764.
The DTOC has supported the efforts of the Leadership Lauderdale Youth program in the past and look forward to continuing to support this program going forward.

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